We recognize seven distinctive biblical ordinances to be practiced by the church, as instituted by Christ and taught by the apostles and those gone before us for the benefit and reminders for believers in Christ. We believe in the literal observance of these scriptural privileges to give expression to the spirit of the Gospel (1 Cor. 11:2), and as a purpose to strengthen our faith and allegiance to Christ. (John 13:17, 14:21-23)

Baptism shall be administered upon confession of Faith, with evidence of repentance and then be accepted into the fellowship. We recognize the importance the importance of the matter of conscience being important in baptism. (1 Peter 3:21) For modes of baptism we accept pouring or immersion (preferred) as legitimate forms of baptism. We caution the fellowship that no one feel superior or inferior to another because of a particular mode of baptism. (Mark 16:15-16, Acts 2:16-18, 10:44-48, 1 Cor. 12:12-13, 1 John 5:8)

We believe that communion is an important part in the life of Christians. Only born-again members of the body of Christ should be invited to participate in communion. We caution members in participating in groups that teach and practice doctrines that are contrary to Christs' teachings. We recognize the need to be reminded often of Christs' death until He comes again. (1 Cor. 11:26)  (Matt. 26:26-27, Acts 2:42, 1 Cor. 10:16-17, 11:23-29)

The Lord's supper shall be held, as often as the church is together, thereby proclaiming the death of the Lord, and thereby warning each one to commemorate, how Christ gave His life for us, and shed His blood for us, that we might also be willing to give our body and life for Christ's sake, which means for the sake of all the brothers. (adopted from the The Schleitheim Confession)

Feet washing shall be observed in the fellowship according as instituted by Jesus. (John 13:1-17) This ordinance should be held along with each communion service. (Easter: this to be done at least once a year)

•Salutation with The Holy Kiss: This should be practiced as often as the spirit of love dictates. It should be practiced often enough to show that we recognize it as an ordinance. (Rom. 16:16, 1 Pet. 5:14)

•Symbol of Christ's Order:
We believe that in our relation to the Lord, men and women are equal. (Gal. 3:28) But by order of creation God has fitted men and women for differing functions. Men have been given the primary leadership role, while women are especially fitted for nurture and service. Being one in Christ does not nullify these endowments, either in the home or in the church.

The New Testament symbols of the man's headship are to be his short hair and uncovered head while praying or prophesying, and the symbol of the woman's role in her long hair and veiled head.

The acceptance by both men and women of their order of creation in no way limits their rightful freedom; rather it ensures them finding their roles in which they can most fruitfully and happily serve. (Gen. 2:22-24, 1 Cor. 11:2-15, Gal. 3:28)

The Bible sanctions marriage and is intended by God to be a life-long union of one man and one woman in the lord. To marry an unbeliever is a violation of the biblical principle as stated, (2 Cor. 6:14), and violations will be subject to church discipline. Members should enter into this relationship only with those of like faith, and both must be in right standing in their own fellowship.

No one may put away his or her companion. If a couple is separated through sexual immorality or (abuse) they must either be reconciled or remain separate. As a church we call upon Christians to make their homes Christian, to resist the current blight of broken homes and divorce and re-marriage. A person divorced and re-married to another, the former partner still living, or one married to such a person, is disqualified from church membership, except by repentance and forsaking the unholy union. (Mark 10:2-12, Luke 16:18, Rom. 7:1-3, 1 Cor. 7, Col. 3:18-19, Titus 2:4-6, 1 Pet. 3:1-7) While inter-racial marriages are not forbidden by scripture, Christians should before marriage, seriously contemplate the social implications and responsibilities.

Anointing With Oil: This ordinance may be administered by ministers and spiritual brethren according to directions given, (Mark 6:13, James 5:14-16), to members of the congregation who have health conditions and desire it.
Now I praise you, brethren, that ye remember me in all things, and keep the ordinances, as I delivered them to you. 1 Cor 11:2
   Believers Fellowship
Following Jesus as Lord in the one true faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.
Committing ourselves to the apostles' teaching, to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer. Acts 2:42
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Committing ourselves to the apostles' teaching, to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer.